Hello! I am Sue and I would like to welcome you to my website for EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS in hand-made items, which currently include:

  • Stay-Dry mats (no more soggy bottoms! And smart and bespoke, too. No-one else will have quite the same design).
  • Bowl Cozies (you can curl up with a bowl of your favourite bite, and wont get your hands burned).
  • Doggie snoods (if you want to treat your precious pooch, these fit the bill).
Please have a look at examples of what I can make in the following pages.

All my products are made with a lot of care. I use the best threads and double stitch where necessary. I source the nicest fabrics and combine colours and patterns with the latest trends in mind. I don't mass produce, so you can be sure that if you have a Cobbler's Goose product, it is either a one-off or part of an exclusive small batch.

Manx To The Max: I love our Manx Tartans! I have used the 100% cotton tartans in some of my designs.

I also have an Instagram account

If you are interested in other work that I do (i.e. my art) my sister sites are and

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Stay-Dry Mats For Sale

Terms & Conditions

  • I do not accept payment by cheque.
  • If you are unhappy with your purchase, please email me with the details. If you need to return the item, please do so (post paid by yourself) and, providing the item is not damaged or changed in any way, I will pay a refund in full.