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Hello. I am Sue, I live in the Isle of Man, and I would like to welcome you to my website for EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS in hand-made items. Why 'Cobbler's Goose'?  It's the name of my home!

  • Child's bed headboard (my design or a collaboration - up to you).
  • Dining chair seats.
  • Antique dining chair re-upholstery.
  • Cushions.
  • Other useful and decorative items (I am always working on ideas).

  • Stay-Dry mats (so useful for Walkers, Ramblers, Dog-Walkers etc.).
  • Bowl and Cozies Sets (for Campers, Motor-Homers, Dieters, or for those who enjoy curling up in a favourite chair with a bowl of something comforting).
  • Dog bandanas (because I am dog-crazy).

  • For an extra £10, I can personalise some sewn items with a name or chosen motif. Please call or email me. /contact

Please have a look at the gallery to see examples of what I do /gallery-1-1

All my products are made with a lot of care. I use the best threads and double stitch where necessary. I source the nicest fabrics , mostly Designer, and combine colours and patterns with the latest trends in mind. I don't mass produce, so you can be sure that if you have a Cobbler's Goose product, it is either a one-off or part of an exclusive small batch.

My VW Campervan. My Pride and Joy. Now a fully-fledged CG Team Member.
Weather and time permitting, I will be parked up at Park Road, Ramsey, selling my crafty bits and pieces and art.
Facebook: Cobbler's Goose Exclusive Designs

If you are interested in other work that I do (i.e. my art), my sister sites are:
Facebook: Sue Battery Art

About / Products About / Products

Commissions - Price Guide


Starts at £200 for a unique 3 foot (approx) headboard, of my own design, your design, or a collaboration between us. The more complicated the design, the more time I will spend getting it just right for you and your little one.

Top fabric, trimmings, personalisation and delivery are extra.


Starts at £100 (for each chair) for a total overhaul: remove old fabric, filling etc. down to the frame, a re-upholster and minor repairs to frame, if required.

Top fabric, trimmings and delivery are extra.


Starts at £50 (for each chair): remove old fabric, filling etc. down to the frame and a re-upholster.

Top fabric, trimmings and delivery are extra.

Please note, I always use a fire retardant layer of fabric on all my upholstered pieces.


Starts at £40 for one  'envelope-style' cushion. 

Fabric, trimmings and delivery are extra.

For Sale

Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

XS  16.5"/42cm circumference of finished bandana.

S     20"/51cm.

M    23.5"/60cm.

L     27"/69cm.

XL  30.5"/78cm.

Measure your pooch!
See image.

Terms & Conditions

  • For my ready-to-buy items, prices stated include a nominal packing/postage/delivery charge. I will deduct this charge from cost price if no packing/postage/delivery required.
  • Commissioned items: I require a 10% deposit before proceeding. If delivery is required, it will be by the appropriate Royal Mail option and this charge will be added to your order.
  • I aim to produce exactly what you have requested/agreed to. If I have clearly done this but, for whatever reason, you no longer require the item payment is still required in full.
  • I require at least 4 weeks from start of order to completion and I will do my utmost to produce your order in the time stated. If, due to circumstances beyond my control, I am unable to meet the stated completion date, I will notify you immediately and keep you fully informed on progress. Full payment will be due when the order is fulfilled.
  • Payment is due 7 days after you have approved your order.
  • If off Island, I will send your order within 2 working days after clearance of full payment.
  • If on Island, I will hand-deliver your order within 2 working days after clearance of full payment.
  • Sorry, but I do not accept payment by cheque.